Linsay Rousseau's Training

Martial Arts & combat trained actor

Let’s start with dialects, work our way down to martial arts and take a break at mezzo-soprano vocal training… That still doesn’t even scratch the surface of my training.

As an actor, my true craft is to absorb skills and not be afraid to get a little dirty in the process.

With over 30 years of training for a huge range of performances, I’m equally comfortable weilding a sword as I am a microphone.

Please read on to see all my skills and training, to discover how I can help capture the physicality of your character whether I’m in the booth or on set.

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My Training

  • Acting: Steppenwolf, Larry Moss, Berkeley Repertory School of Theatre, Studio A.C.T. at American Conservatory Theater, The Waterfront Playhouse & Conservatory, College of William & Mary Theatre Dept., Encore Music & Theater School

  • Improv: The Groundlings, The Second City, Impro Studio, Studio A.C.T. at American Conservatory Theater, College of William and Mary

  • On-Camera Acting: Lesly Kahn, LA On-Camera Training Center, TVI Actors Studio, Tim Phillips

  • Shakespeare: Susan Angelo

  • Dialects: Eliza Jane Schneider

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Creative Combat

  • Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA)Academy of European Fighting Arts

  • Wushu (Northern long fist, swords and staff) National Wushu Training Center

  • Muay Thai: Muay Thai America
  • Horseback Riding: Goldspirit Farms
  • Motion Capture: The MOCAP Vaults

  • Singing (classical, musical theatre, jazz): Elizabeth Zharoff

  • Dance (jazz, modern, tap, ballet, swing): Dance 10, College of William & Mary, Encore Music & Theater School (Summer intensive 5 years)


  • Combat/Weaponry: U.S. Army Iraq War veteran, tactical firearms proficiency (M4, 9mm, shotgun), military tactics, stage/film combat, hand-to-hand combat (CQC, Systema, Krav Maga), fighting sticks, Wushu (broad sword, straight sword, staff, spear), HEMA (long sword, rapier, sword & buckler, knives), traditional archery, crashes, falls

  • Vocal: Mezzo, F3-D6 – Belt to F#5 Vocal Styles: Musical theater (belting and legit), opera, classical, jazz/big band, Celtic, pop, rock, choral

  • Dialects: Ask and ye shall receive

  • Instruments: Piano, flute, piccolo (20+ years experience), auxiliary percussion, quadratoms , conducting

  • Athletics: Baseball, basketball, bike riding, cardio kickboxing, horseback riding (English & Western), kayaking, certified dive master, skiing (downhill, cross country), softball, swimming (all strokes), weight lifting, yoga, Zumba

  • Dance: Jazz, modern, theatrical (20 years each), ballet (10 ears), tap (1 year), swing, Latin, ballroom (2 years each), choreography (2 years)

  • Languages: Basic Spanish, English (as you can see)

  • Misc: Creature movements, substitute teacher, singing coach, former EMT, needlepoint, marching band, drill & ceremony marching


  • Masters of Journalism (M.J.): University of California, Berkeley – Graduate School of Journalism

  • B.A. Sociology, minor Anthropology: The College of William & Mary

  • Broadcast Journalism/Public Affairs Specialist Certification: Defense Information School: Ft. Meade, MD

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