Linsay Rousseau

Commercial Voiceover Artist

Commercials are the art of grabbing attention and if there’s one thing I know, it’s how to grab attention with my voice.

With my own professional home studio, I am always available to use my voice to help share your message.

Whether your next big commercial campaign requires a relatable voice to connect with your audience, a striking solo to serenade them with an unfortgettable jingle, or a larger than life character to be the voice of your product, then I’m ready to be your new commercial voiceover artist.


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Hire A Female Commercial Voiceover Artist based in Los Angeles

Commercial clients from all over the world entrust me to spread their message with their global audience.

The world of commercials is getting more competitive by the day, with more companies than ever fighting over their audience’s attention span across TV, radio and online.

One of the benefits I bring to my commercial clients as their voiceover artist, is my ability to break their script down and discover the hidden character that lies beneath.

We all have those commercials which we’ve still got stuck in our heads decades down the line. That’s the gold that every one of my commercial clients is searching for, and I’m here to help them find it.

As a trained character actor and singer, I can literally do anything that you need me to do in order to make your commercial stand out.

Need me to sing an earworm of a jingle?

Need me to play a crazy character that puts your audience into stitches?

Maybe you just need a conversational and fun voice to share your message?

Whoever you need me to be, I’m a commercial voiceover artist who can adapt to your needs. It’s precisely why my clients stick with me for years, because once they discover me they never need another commercial voiceover ever again.

You can also read all about my own professional home studio below, which I can use to deliver your commercial voiceover to your deadlines, with amazing sounding audio and superfast turnaround times.

So share your next commercial project with me. I’d love to hear from you and add you to my list of happy commercial clients!

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Linsay Rousseau

Commercial Voiceover Artist


When you hire me, you don’t just get the voice, you also get my fully certified home studio as well.

There’s no need to book studio time as I can deliver professional grade audio recordings from my broadcast ready booth. It’s completely owned by me, so there’s no waiting lists and I can deliver work to your deadlines.

You can check out its specs below and even listen to the sample I recorded in it, so you can hear its quality before you get in touch!

Listen To Home Studio Sample
Paused Home Studio Sample
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Studio: Professional home studio, fully treated and sound proofed

Microphones: Neumann TLM103, Sennheiser MKH 416

Interface: Apollo Twin X

Recording Software: Adobe Audition

Remote Broadcasting: Source Connect Standard

Remote Participants: ipDTL, Skype, Zoom, Google Video Chat, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams

File Transfer: WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox

Security: VPN server if the client needs increased security

Internet: Fiber optic connection

My Happy Commercial Clients

I inject your commercials with character that people never forget

A memorable commercial has become a more powerful tool than ever. With so many companies now free to advertise across so many global platforms, you need to make sure that your commercial stands out from the crowd.

One of my superpowers as a trained actor and voiceover artist of over 20 years, is my ability to break down a script and discover the hidden character within.

Whether that hidden character comes from your brand voice, the freshness of your service, or maybe you’ve actually written a character to represent you – I can help you discover the hidden power in your script and inject it with my own personality.

I’ve worked with companies large and small, all around the world, because I have a voice that fits my client’s needs. My voice is adaptable, so I can always ensure that I’m delivering your message in a way that matches your brand.

I’ve honed my natural and conversational delivery to make the effort of connecting with an audience sound… well, effortless. And if you need more, then my energetic and quirky side can take care of the rest.

If you need a female Los Angeles voice actor to inject some character into your next commercial, then get in touch with me today!

Why hire an L.A. Voiceover For Your next online or tv Commercial?

I don’t want to assume where you are in your plans for your project. Not everyone turns up at my demo page ready to hire a voiceover straight away.

I honestly believe that nothing sells a brand, company or product better than a memorable voice. You know, those commercials which just get stuck in your head for years and even decades.

There’s still some commercials which I think about from my childhood, and that was a little while ago!

Commercials are especially powerful when they can emotionally engage with an audience.

As an L.A. based commercial voiceover artist who loves bringing out the character and personality in every script, having a voice like mine which can represent your business in a powerful and authentic way is the most powerful tool in your marketing backpack.

A poster can be ignored at a glance, a mailout can be thrown away, but a human voice that has a story to share can’t be ignored. That’s the true power of a voiceover in your advertising.

And I’d love to be that very voiceover who gets to tell your story and show your audience why they need you.

Looking For Something ELSE?

If you need to hear my work in a particular genre before you get in touch, then please feel free to browse all my demos for each of the genres listed below.

I’ve done pretty much every kind of acting work and performance there is, so if you need something really specific which isn’t here, then you can always send me a message and I’ll be happy to provide a custom sample read for you to make you confident that I’m the right voice for you.

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