Linsay Rousseau

Promo & Broadcast Voiceover Artist

Whether your message needs to be BIG & BOLD, or professional and friendly – I can be the perfect voice to promote you to the world.

As part of my promo and broadcasting work, I’ve voiced for major TV networks such as The Lifetime Network and HBO Max; keeping their audiences glued to the screen in excitement at what they’ve got coming next!

If you need a professional voice actor who can deliver energetic, fun and quirky promo voiceover, then I’d love you to listen to my demos and then get in touch to tell me more about how I can help you.


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Energetic Promo & Broadcast Voiceover From an Award-Winning VOice

When you’re the voice of a network, you have to be ready for everything that might be coming up next.

Real Housewives and Breaking Evening News are about different as you can get, but as the promo voice, you’ve got to be ready to speak to each audience and make them believe that you’ve got something unmissable coming up.

My over 30 years as an actor across musical theater, film, TV and games has made me a master at playing every unique character which my broadcast and promo clients need me to be.

I treat each promo as a new character that mirrors exactly what the audience needs from me. From the bursting youthful energy of the latest reality show fanatic to the relaxed and curious documentary lover – I can seamlessly jump between characters, because your network’s audience is made of every character under the sun!

I’m relatively new to the promo space, but my decades of voiceover experience in every other genre give me the perfect foundation to provide amazing promo voiceover for my clients.

The reliability, professionalism and dynamicism that keeps my other clients coming back for more is exactly what networks need from their promotional voices.

If you’re after an energetic and friendly voiceover, who’s great to work with on any side of the booth, then I’d love to hear from you.

I have my very own Source Connect Broadcast Certified home studio, so I can deliver work on a tight turnaround, or even live if you need it, to match the lightning fast demands that the promo and broadcasting world requires.

Get in touch with my agent or me personally today with any questions and I’ll get back to you right away.

Green-103 ENHANCE

Linsay Rousseau

Promo & Broadcast Voiceover

my Promo Credits

The Lifetime Network


The Voice – Fox

The Cleaning Lady

F Boy Island – CW


Dirt a Documentary About Saving Our Soil
*MidAmerica Emmy Winner*
*Public Media Award Finalist*

Hire An L.A. Promo Voiceover That Matches Your Unique Voice

My voice is no stranger to major networks. I’ve worked for decades with some of the largest legacy networks and video-on-demand providers in the world.

Whether I’m working with The Lifetime Network or HBO Max; I always ensure that I truly capture their unique message.

Do they need a reliable and friendly voice for a general American and Canadian audience?

Or possibly a sarcastic and cutting-edge broadcast voice to upkeep your reputation for breaking new ground across international markets?

Whatever my client needs, no matter their programming, audience or reach – I take the same care with every network and media company that I provide any voiceover work for.

My speciality is in the online video-on-demand space, where I have long term relationships with major broadcasters like Netflix and HBO Max, acting within their own original programming and dubbing for their international projects.

I’m a promo voiceover based in Los Angeles, so I’m readily available to work at the heart of the American networks.

As a Certified Source Connect Broadcast Studio, I can deliver professional grade promo audio around the clock, to keep up with your organization’s ever-changing schedule.

If you’re in need of a broadcast voiceover who can speak with your voice, then I’d love for you to contact my management or myself below, and tell me how I can help you broadcast to the world.

Why Is A Broadcast Voice So Important for American television?

If you watch a USA channel or network for even a few moments, you’ll be struck by just how much voiceover there is.

American audiences are very accustomed to broadcast narration as a critical part of their media. 

The programming schedule is only a small piece of the puzzle for what makes Americans return to their favourite media over and over.

The majority of television watchers are more likely to turn off a show due to poor audio than low resolution visuals, which speaks volumes for just how valuable high quality audio is to American audiences.

At its core, every broadcast network is a collection of programming that attempts to sew together as many different audiences as possible, with many of these audiences being completely incompatible.

A broadcast voiceover provides not only a personality to each network, but also ensures that there is a continuity between every program that the viewer enjoys.

Whether a network is promoting their latest sponsors, their new season of shows or simply letting their audience know what’s up next – A relatable, friendly and exciting broadcast narration voiceover has never been more important to keep your watchers engaged; not only out of interest, but also their emotional investment in the values of their favourite network.

If you need a broadcast and promo voiceover in Los Angeles to give your network the unique personality that your audience can fall in love with, then I’d love to hear from you and discover how I can capture your network’s voice.

Looking For Something ELSE?

If you need to hear my work in a particular genre before you get in touch, then please feel free to browse all my demos for each of the genres listed below.

I’ve done pretty much every kind of acting work and performance there is, so if you need something really specific which isn’t here, then you can always send me a message and I’ll be happy to provide a custom sample read for you to make you confident that I’m the right voice for you.

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