Linsay Rousseau

video game actor & performance capture

With decades of experience across stunts, martial arts, military and weapons training – I’m the perfect performer for your next video game and PCAP project.

From voicing video game characters in the booth, to providing the entire vocal and physical performance, I’ve brought dozens of video game characters to life across some of the world’s most iconic gaming series including Fallout, God of War: Ragnarok, Rage and Deathloop.

One of my specializations is creature voices and efforts. Snarling. Dying. Shouting. Screaming. I can do it all and my time as an Army Iraq War Combat Veteran has given me the visceral experience to truly go above and beyond for my characters. I even teach classes on it!

I invite you to learn more about me below and look at my action demo to see how much I can bring to your next gaming project. You can even check out my TV & Film page to see more of my demos and discover my expansive character range.


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L.A. Based female Video Game voice actor & performance capture artist

I’m best known for my extensive work in video games and performance capture, where my military training made me a perfect choice for PCAP roles in the weapon-heavy world of video games. 

Just some of my gaming highlights include roles in God of War: Ragnarok, Deathloop, Fallout 76, Rage 2, World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online and Call of Duty Mobile.

With over 30 years of acting experience on the stage, film, television and of course, gaming – I’m well known for being able to deliver a huge range and diversity of performances.

One of my specializations is my creature work. You can take a listen to my “Creature Demo” here , because just reading me describe how well I snarl and croak doesn’t quite capture it!

My extensive military, weapons and martial arts training has made me a perfect match for PCAP projects, as I can enter any project with a full understanding of how to handle any weaponary that makes up the game’s arsenal.

While I love the physical work that comes with Performance Capture, acting has and always will be my first love.

I absolutely love inhabiting a character and whether I’m armed with a PCAP suit on a stage or just a microphone in a booth, I always bring my all to every single performance. Comedy, drama, tragedy or romance – it really doesn’t matter what atmosphere you need to build, my decades of acting experience mean that I can help you capture any character you need.

If you need a video game voice actor who can help you bring your world to life and fully immerse your players in the lives of your rich characters, then I’m the perfect fit for your next project.

You can reach myself or my agent using the details below and let me know more about your gaming project and how I can help you bring your characters to life with a full performance.

Sword Stance

Linsay Rousseau

MOCAP Driving

Video Game



my VIDEO GAME Credits

WWE 2K24
Female Player aka The Captain
2K Games

Spider-Man 2
Additional Voices
Insomniac Games

Armistice Archives Monitor, Estelle Vincent, Milena Axelrod, Simone Jansen, Yuko Serrano, Zoe Kaminski

God of War: Ragnarok
Dark Elf Warrior, Raider Scout, Hel-Raider Scout
Santa Monica Studios
MARVEL Future Revolution
Netmarble Monster
Call of Duty Mobile
The Elder Scrolls Online: Markarth
Freyleth, Draljura, Chief Ulvfae, Tisfira, Bevela, Reach Channeler, Nighthollow Shade
Ranger Ar/ha, Kobold Lackey
Amazon Games
Virtual, Virtual Reality
Tender Claws
The Chimerical Era VR Experience
The Chimerical Era
Night Agent
Lady Yama, Yingzhao, Fuzhu
Taihe Interactive
Battle Agent Female Player
Enjoy Mobile
MU Origins 2
Veluna, Sia, Graig, Crypt Queen, Liamon, Evelin, Sabrinaer
Fire and Lightning
Fire, Lightning, Narrator
Whispered Secrets
Big Fish Games

Call of Duty Modern Warfare III
Lockpick aka Elodie

Katrina Pishchtek, Eternals
Arkane Studios/Bethesda
Fallout 76
Female Player, Variousers
Westworld: Awakening VR Experience
Victoria (Performance Capture)
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Path to Nowhere
Zoya, Labyrinth
Paper Games, AISNO Games
Honor of Kings
TiMi Studio/Tencent Games
Exos Heros
Jinai, Reedmarie, Freesia, Monica, FateCore
Line Games
Super Evil Megacorp
Manual Samuel
War, Sam’s Girlfriend
Perfectly Paranormal
Born Punk
Eevi Rinasdottir
Lord of the Rings Living Card Game
Ioreth, Arwen, Eleanor, Galadriel’s Handmaiden, Silvan Tracker, Rossiel, Guardian of the Forest
Fantasy Flight Games
Princess Night: Vol 1-3
Mellow, Meli
Babel Entertainment
Night of the Full Moon
Lady Groot, Black Swan
Heroes Charge
Tala, Talenta, Sarra
Agent Walker: Secret Journey
Agent Elena Walker
Big Fish Games
World of Warcraft
Nal’ragas, Chelra
Pentakill III: The Lost Chapter
Riot Games
Rage 2
Delta Four, Fleur TikTik, Shrouded Shotgun, Mary, Winners Lounge, Wellspring Goon
Bethesda/Avalanche Studios
Dunsland Runner

NBA 2K20 – 23
2K Games

The Elder Scrolls: Fall of the Dark Brotherhood
Alissanne Dupre, Princess Barynia, Enthralling Hunter, Sowet of Revenge, Imperial Phalanx, Adronica
Bethesda/Dire Wolf Digital
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang
Shanghai Moonton Technology
Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son
Facial Capture for all characters
Sony Pictures VR/TequilaWorks
COLINA: Legacy
Nina, Blue Fairy
Chance6 Studios
Ion Lands
Player Character
Whitethorn Digital
Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest
Ellie, Princess
Big Fish Games
Former MOCAP Tech
Fonco Studios, Noitom Intl.
Sony Interactive Entertainment

NBA 2K20-24
Visual Concepts

Demon Hunter 4: Riddles of Light
Akiiki, Bastet
Brave Giant Studios

Stunts, Weapons training, martial arts - i bring it all to every performance

As a working actor for almost my entire career, the shift to full performance capture was a natural move for me compared to just voice acting work alone.

With my experience as an Iraq War Army Veteran, I already had extensive weapons training, which was why I secured my first jobs in Performance Capture.

Due to my intimate knowledge of firearms handling and the fact that 99% of games involve a weapon of some kind, my ability to handle weapons in an authentic way allowed me to bring a sense of realism to the projects I was part of. I choreographed stunts and trained other actors on how to realistically handle their weapons as part of their performance.

From there, my PCAP experience has only grown and most of my repeat work is with gaming studios who know that I can deliver a knockout performance, while also taking all the knocks and hits that come with the rough world of Performance Capture.

As a stunt co-ordinator, I’ve trained extensively in just about every form of martial arts and weaponary there is.

From medieval swords to archery training, as well as both Western and Eastern martial arts – I’m able to both plan and execute any setpiece that a modern gaming protagonist needs to be able to survive, in order to blow your audience away.

If you need someone to deliver a genuine performance and is intimately knowledgable about the technology of performance capture, then I’d love to hear from you.

Grunts, Shouts & SCREAMS - How Vocal Efforts Help Build A Gaming Character

Doing efforts for video games is, as the name suggests, effort. Efforts are one of the toughest voice acting techniques there is to master, both in terms of skill and the strain it puts on a voice actor’s vocals.

My time in the armed forces definitely gave me a headstart when it came to perfecting the art of shouting for hours on end! But delivering great efforts isn’t just as simple as shouting into a microphone, that’s just the beginning.

The amount of variety that a video game voice actor has to get from their efforts is a challenge which only the most experienced voice actors can pull off.

When your effort instructions can be as simple as:

  • 20 shouts from taking punches to the head
  • 5 grunts from being kicked in the ribs
  • 8 screams from falling from a great height

It takes a lot of imagination and vocal control to really sell these moments to the player.

The art of a good effort is making it sound authentic and visceral. It’s not just shouting, you really have to be able to put yourself in the mindset of the player character and capture the intensity of every ounce of pain and every moment of terror.

Efforts require subtly and nuance that only decades as a working actor can provide.

Using my unique life experiences and my overwhelming passion for delivering performances that stick with audiences, I can’t wait to bring 30 years of expertise to your video game, to make every grunt and grimace sound positively Shakespearean.

Looking For Something ELSE?

If you need to hear my work in a particular genre before you get in touch, then please feel free to browse all my demos for each of the genres listed below.

I’ve done pretty much every kind of acting work and performance there is, so if you need something really specific which isn’t here, then you can always send me a message and I’ll be happy to provide a custom sample read for you to make you confident that I’m the right voice for you.

Voice Over/PCAP:


Phone: 323-521-5506


Agent: Cynthia McLean Email:


Video Games/MOCAP
Agent: Julie Thompson

Agent: Ferenc Laczko

Agent:Mary Ellen (Mel) Lord

Agent: Roger Becker



Mitchell & Associates
(LA. Atlanta, New Mexico)

LA Agent: Christi Webb

Atlanta Agent: Daniel Michaels Email:
Phone: 615- 873-0890

New Mexico Agent: Carissa Mitchell
Phone: 505-301-4386

If you'd prefer, you can also message me directly using this form!