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I’m Linsay Rousseau, an award-winning actor based in L.A, known for my range and versatility when it comes to bringing my characters to life.

I’m constantly honing my craft and have spent nearly three decades absorbing every skill I can. I’ve trained at Steppenwolf, the Berkeley Repertory School of Theater, Studio A.C.T. at the American Conservatory Theater, The Rachel Adler Studio, The Groundlings, The Second City, Impro Studio, and even trained with Larry Moss.

With extensive training in a variety of global martial arts and weapons, I always feel most comfortable with a sword, staff or spear in my hand…and a script in the other!

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I never believed that a jack of all trades couldn’t become a master of them as well. They just weren’t trying hard enough!

My obsession with acquiring new skills began when I classically trained as a singer, becoming a master of my instrument. But this was only the beginning.

My singing led me to discover the stage, where I fell in love with everything from Rent to The Mousetrap to Shakespeare. Then my life took a minor detour and I joined the Army, serving as a combat photographer with the 101st Airborne Division, and spent a year in Iraq.

But my combat and martial arts training fed back into my acting life once more as I began securing work in the video game industry due to my ability to bring my characters to life both emotionally and physically. And so it became clear that the more skills you have, the more lives you can live.

I’m the kind of woman who can throw a punch, swing a sword, shoot a gun, take a hit, shout and die for hours.

There’s a reason they call me the geeky badass.

A consummate geek, I am one of the hosts of the weekly geek talk show, The Roll Out, as part of ThatHashTagShow on YouTube. I’m also a contributor to the immensely popular The No Sleep Podcast, terrifying audiences around the world. I’ve got a passion for all things geeky, so being able to work in animation and performance capture is beyond a wildest dream. From Doctor Who to Horzion Zero Dawn and even my own Dungeons & Dragons inspired creations, if it can be described as even remotely geeky, then I’ve obsessed over it, done a talk show on it, tried to be in it and even got the t-shirt (and some other merch!).

As a queer woman, I’m a huge advocate for expanding diversity and inclusivity within the geek community and entertainment industry, to end the toxic behavior that so many of us are faced with. In the spare moments I get outisde of work, I dedicate to my role on the board of directors for QueerVox, a nonprofit training academy and community for LGBTQIA+ voiceover actors. With roots in the Mediterranian French and Spanish Romani culture and the highlands of Scotland, I am passionate about cultural representation in the entertainment industry.

As the Doctor would say: “Space. For all!”


Voiceover and performance capture has become a huge part of my work and I love every moment of it. A performance capture stage allows me to live and breathe as any character I can imagine. And when you have unlimited imagination like me, then that means you can be anything!


My TV and Film credits are about as diverse as they get. From emotionally draining hospital dramas, to laid back slice of life comedies and on to gritty hardcore action films – there really isn’t any character that I can’t bring to life on the screen.


Theater is where I first discovered my love of acting and that love hasn’t diminished in over 20 years. From Shakespeare to The Rocky Horror Show, theater is where I feel completely at home and free to express myself as an artist.


My martial arts and combat training are imperative to me being able to live out the physicality of my characters. I always want my punches to hit just as hard as my punchlines, so I’m always ready to take on another fighting style or piece of choreography to take any production to the next level.

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While I’ve been a performer her entire life, I took a few detours along the way.

My original goal with my education was to become a journalist, and I was one of four Carnegie Fellows chosen to work with the Brian Ross Investigative Reporting Unit at ABC News in New York. From there, I worked as an associate producer, reporter, researcher and production associate for PBS Frontline.

My Master’s Thesis for the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism, “Rape in the Fields“, went on to be produced by PBS Frontline, the Center for Investigative Reporting and Univision.

The documentary has won the Alfred I. duPont-Colombia Award, John F. Kennedy Journalism Award, Public Radio News Directors Award and was nominated for an Emmy Award for Outstanding Investigative Journalism.


Prior to attending Berkeley, I served as a combat photographer and public affairs sergeant for the U.S. Army’s 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division.

I spent a year in the Northern Iraq province of Kirkuk, documenting and reporting on combat and humanitarian operations.

While my time in the army may be done, I’ve never left it behind. I now work to give back to the veteran community as an ambassador for the non-profit organization Pin-Ups for Vets and media affairs director for Continue to Serve.


I had a fairly non-traditional upbringing. As the child of two National Park Rangers, I’d lived in seven states by the time I was in high school. With all the moving my family did, theater and music are what kept me grounded and focused.

When I wasn’t on stage or playing music, much of my time was focused on human rights and environmental causes. I worked for Amnesty International, focusing predominantly on women’s and LGBTQIA rights.

While at William & Mary, as student body president, I led the charge to reform the campus’ sexual assault policy, as well as helped with organizational efforts to unionize the maintenance, cafeteria and housekeeping staff.

While I may not have taken the most direct route to Hollywood, I bring all of this passion and experience to all of my performances, the amazing artists I meet along the way and every new life I have the honour of temporarily living.


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