Linsay Rousseau

Award-winning Animation voice Actor

You probably best know me from my performance as Elita-1 in the Netflix animated series, Transformers: War For Cybertron where I won the One Voice Award for best female voiceover in an animated series.

I’ve worked for some of the world’s most amazing independent and studio animation teams that include Netflix, Rooster Teeth and Adult Swim. As an animated voice actor, I can create any character you need and my history of theater and improv comedy make a me a creative force of nature in the booth. But if you especially need creature voices or crazy characters – then those are my animated specialities!

Please take a listen to my demo and get in touch with my agents or myself directly to tell me more about your animated project.


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Hire An Award-Winning Female Animation Voice Actor For Your Animation

Some of my most prolific voice acting work has come from the realm of animation and video games, so I’m about as well versed in the obstacles and inner workings of any animated project.

In fact, with the number of barriers in the way of any animation project, I’m amazed any actually make it to air!

Not only can I bring the benefit of experience to any project, but my decades of improvisation and live theater make me extremely adaptable when it comes to experimenting in order to discover the pitch-perfect quip or delivery that really brings an animated character to life.

My very own home studio is also Source Connect Certified, so I can broadcast your team in for a live directed session and work with you to crack the perfect character read no matter where your production is.

I adore breaking down every script to see just how much character I can draw from every line. Animation voice acting is one of my favourite genres to work in and I love the collaboration between voice actor and artist. I’m always sure to give animators as many different takes and energies to play with.

With my experience in the animation world and my 30 plus years of acting experience, I know I can bring so much creativity, imagination and energy to your animated project.

I’d love to hear more about your latest world, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with my agent or myself directly to let me into your studio’s latest creation.

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Linsay Rousseau

Animation Voice Actor

my Animation Credits

Transformers: War for Cybertron
Netflix/Rooster Teeth

Kengan Ashura
Shion Soryuni

Di Bibl
MOCAP Various
Adult Swim

Atlas and the Stars

Treasure X: The King’s Gold
Trasure Tomb, Queen Glowena
Treasure X
Death Battle: The Boys
Rooster Teeth
Squadron Force: Abort Mission
Lana, Dr. Abigail Winters
Reckless Dog Productions
The Night Santa Got Lost
Airman, Solider
PATRIOT Entertainment

A is for Angel
Devil Teacher

Hire A voiceover professional for your animation project

We all know that without voiceover, your animated videos lose the human aspect which brings images to life.

But beyond the human side, there is a much more important reason to hire a professional voice actor for your animations, which is for your recording quality.

No matter how stunning your images look, people notice bad audio. It can do so much damage to even the best looking animation.

A professional animated voiceover actor already has the professional audio equipment and recording space required to produce amazing sounding audio quickly and painlessly.

By hiring an animated voice actor for your project, you save both time and money because your animated voice actor can provide assistance with the delivery, audio post-production and processing, to ensure your final audio sounds amazing. 

I’m also available for any last minute pick-ups and performance tweaks, which you can effortlessly add back into your finished production.

decades of voice acting work, expert mic technique and improv skills

With over 30 years of experience acting and over a decade providing animated voice work, the difference between a professional voice actor like myself and an amateur who’s simply using a USB microphone is glaring.

Beyond the technical side, there are years worth of skills that go into an animated performance which is hard for even the best actors to pick up.

It’s why the difference between even an professional voice actor and an A-list actor doing a voice performance can be drastic in terms of quality.

And that’s precisely what a professional animated voiceover like myself can offer. I can help you connect with your audience and boost the quality of your animation in a way that a traditional in-camera actor can’t.

With decades of voiceover and improvisational theater experience, I already have mastered the mic technique and vocal acting skills which really sell a character with just my voice alone.

Get in touch with me today, I’d love to hear more about your project.

Looking For Something ELSE?

If you need to hear my work in a particular genre before you get in touch, then please feel free to browse all my demos for each of the genres listed below.

I’ve done pretty much every kind of acting work and performance there is, so if you need something really specific which isn’t here, then you can always send me a message and I’ll be happy to provide a custom sample read for you to make you confident that I’m the right voice for you.

Voice Over/PCAP:


Phone: 323-521-5506


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Video Games/MOCAP
Agent: Julie Thompson

Agent: Ferenc Laczko

Agent:Mary Ellen (Mel) Lord

Agent: Roger Becker



Mitchell & Associates
(LA. Atlanta, New Mexico)

LA Agent: Christi Webb

Atlanta Agent: Daniel Michaels Email:
Phone: 615- 873-0890

New Mexico Agent: Carissa Mitchell
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