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An l.a. voice perfect for any universe

Winner of the 2021 One Voice Award for best female voiceover in an animated series, I’m best known as the voice of (the equally award-winning) Elita-1 in Transformers: War for Cybertron on Netflix.

My voiceover work is extensive in the realm of video games and performance capture. You’ve likely heard me in major titles like God of War: Ragnarok, Starfield, Call of Duty Modern Warfare III, Spider-Man 2, Deathloop and Fallout 76.

I’m a master of my instrument, which allows me to adapt my voice to fit in with your project’s vision.

For your commercial project, I can deliver a completely natural and conversational performance that makes your customers truly believe that I am talking to them, and only them. And there’s always room for abit of fun and quirkiness if you need it!

My narration work will spread your message with an educated and confident voice that listeners recognize as an authority on the subject.

And then for your video game and animation project… I can be just about anyone you need me to be! I particularly specialize in creatures and authoritative or crazy characters, as you’ll see from my demos.

No matter the performance you need, I always put my customer service first and foremost. I work quickly and will always be around to take on any additional edits, tweaks or changes to improve the final read.

That’s exactly why I have a lot of repeat clients, which I think says all it all!

I’m used to working in all timezones, so if you need to broadcast in for a live directed session, I can work to your schedule and my home studio is built to broadcast quality. But with over 30 years of acting under my belt, I’m more than happy to direct my own performance and can usually deliver a 24 hour turnaround if I handle the direction side.

I’m a board and media affairs director for the National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA), where I work to promote and advocate for the rights of voice artists across the industry.

I invite you listen to my demos and watch absolutely everything on my site, so you can see the range of performances I can offer you.

Then simply get in touch and we’ll get started on bringing your project to life!



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When you hire me, you don’t just get the voice, you also get my fully certified home studio as well.

There’s no need to book studio time as I can deliver professional grade audio recordings from my broadcast ready booth. It’s completely owned by me, so there’s no waiting lists and I can deliver work to your deadlines.

You can check out its specs below and even listen to the sample I recorded in it, so you can hear its quality before you get in touch!

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Studio: Professional home studio, fully treated and sound proofed

Microphones: Neumann TLM103, Sennheiser MKH 416

Interface: Apollo Twin X

Recording Software: Adobe Audition

Remote Broadcasting: Source Connect Standard

Remote Participants: ipDTL, Skype, Zoom, Google Video Chat, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Teams

File Transfer: WeTransfer, Google Drive, Dropbox

Security: VPN server if the client needs increased security

Internet: Fiber optic connection

Looking For Something More Specific?

If you need to hear my work in a particular genre before you get in touch, then please feel free to browse all my demos for each of the genres listed below.

I’ve done pretty much every kind of acting work and performance there is, so if you need something really specific which isn’t here, then you can always send me a message and I’ll be happy to provide a custom sample read for you to make you confident that I’m the right voice for you.

My Miscellaneous Voice work

Here are some of the projects that I’m most proud of, but don’t have their own page.

Please check my unique voiceover genre pages to discover the hundreds of other businesses and projects that I’ve contributed my voice to.

Radio Dramas/Podcasts

The No Sleep Podcast
Creative Reason Media Inc.

The Invenios Expedition
Leviathan Audio Productions

Clutch! A Kobold Story
Krillia Spinehater
MelodyGun Sound Studios

Dragonlance: Echoes of Krynn
Manto Boubalina
Lawful Stupid RPG
*2023 Signal Gold Medal Winner*

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Voice Over/PCAP:


Phone: 323-521-5506


Agent: Cynthia McLean Email:


Video Games/MOCAP
Agent: Julie Thompson

Agent: Ferenc Laczko

Agent:Mary Ellen (Mel) Lord

Agent: Roger Becker



Mitchell & Associates
(LA. Atlanta, New Mexico)

LA Agent: Christi Webb

Atlanta Agent: Daniel Michaels Email:
Phone: 615- 873-0890

New Mexico Agent: Carissa Mitchell
Phone: 505-301-4386

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